We develop solutions for your business

Softinnotech we are a consulting firm specialized in Information Technology (IT), we provide global services and solutions. Our professionals contribute their great experience and knowledge to offer the best solution and the best service.
So, we help our customers to continuously improve their knowledge management and processes, providing our innovations in technology and services, and dedication of our creative team and enthusiastic.
The way of working is based on creating customized solutions for each client using agile development methodologies. Which allows us to adapt to the demands of any project and company.

Softinnotech we help our clients reach their goals with the most appropriate and advanced technology, so they just have to focus on their business we take care of how to reach their goal by supporting them in technology.

Be the leading technology company in digital transformation, innovative and leader, to continue to offer global solutions, IT services and value generation to all companies.

We seek to be the best company for us and for this we must strive every day, and we must be very perfectionists with each project.

We want our client to collaborate with us so that the project adapts in the best possible way to their real needs.

We seek that all the efforts we make translate into results, both for our clients to improve their processes, and for our company.

In Softinnotech we use Scrum methodology for software development and project management. We use different tools that give us real-time information on the status of each implementation, to share with the client their progress.

Scrum is an agile and flexible methodology to manage software development, whose main objective is to maximize the return on investment (ROI). Its characteristics is to first build the functionality of greater value for the client, to obtain anticipated results (time-to-market) and on the principles of adaptation, self-management and innovation.
With Scrum the client is the main actor in the progress of the project, making him more committed to the project since he sees it evolve in each iteration. It also allows you to realign the project at any time with the objectives of your business or your company.
This work methodology also promotes innovation, motivation and commitment of the team that is part of the project, pillars of our company.

Our team

We have a great team, with more than 20 years of experience in technology, capable of satisfying the needs of all our customers. We offer ideas and solutions to solve those needs that are presented in the companies, with a great variety of technologies, without losing sight of the objectives of our clients.
Each of the members of our team accumulates an average of more than ten years of experience carrying out tasks in the areas of programming, management and project development, in multiple environments and platforms.

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